In Norfolk’s Fine Broadlands, Wroxham meets it’s nearby neighbour North Walsham, to consciously couple and become North Wroxham.

Chef’s would tell you this is a modern fusion dish. For us it’s a modelling combination of elements from both locations to make an attractive N Gauge model railway layout.

North Wroxham is not my first layout, and most definitely will not be the last. At the moment with the uncertain world we live in I have no grand plans to make this one readily exhibitable.

To take on tour is too big a commitment as of today. However, that’s not to say that if in 6 months time and a preferable new normal is established plans won’t change.

It is with that in mind that North Wroxham will be created with the flexibility to allow it to go out out in due course. I guess you just need to watch this space. Eventually an exhibition diary may well be added!

So what’s new?

Unlike previous layouts this one will showcase the benefits of traditional DC control. Analogue control still has a place in the modern world which we will prove.

Want to follow the build?

To me that sounds like a good way to enjoy being confined to the home. Whether in Tiers 1, 2 3 or 4 hopefully the charting of progress over time will bring some joy and entertainment. However, don’t get too excited… There are no grand plans at this stage to have it finished in 6 or 12 months. Personally I’ve made that mistake before and consequently the modelling has suffered. North Wroxham will be done when it’s done.

Looking for help and inspiration?

I am grateful to many internet sources for this over the years. Too many to list or even remember.

However, all that has meant is starting from scratch, and as such I have put together some pages I personally hope will be helpful to all aspiring railway modellers.

To do this i’ve started at the beginning with the guide to what’s in my modelling toolbox. You may be surprised to see so many cheap day to day household items. Certainly with a bit of creativity, crafting a layout does not have to be expensive.

All that’s left to say now, is sit back, have a browse and enjoy!