A Late Christmas Gift

Ok, so it may be from me to me, but that doesn’t matter.

After what seems like an eternity, and my account says is 2 years plus, the class 92s from Revolution Trains are finally on their way.

As one of the early crowdfunding projects that kicked off a resurgence in N Gauge new models these look to have been worth the wait.

Revolution confirmed on 21st December that the models were due to land at Heathrow that evening.

Now if we are being honest, and electric heavy freight and sleeper locomotive has no place on North Wroxham. Not least because I have no plans to install any overhead catenary at present.

However, these looks to be truly stunning models, and are a class I’ve always held a soft spot for. I did originally order 1 each of 6 of the 8 models. Therefore Postman Pat will hopefully be bringing me a chunky parcel early in the new year.

Move with the times…

The trouble is tastes change with time and these have been on order for well, a long time. Whilst I may keep a couple of them for my other layouts it’s likely I shall look to move some of them on. I already have a deal agreed for the Caledonian Sleeper one when it arrives.

Am I disappointed to be receiving and selling on? No absolutely not. Without people ordering up front these models just would not have happened. That’s the way crowdfunding works, and I’d happily support it again.

Crowdfunding again?

Definitely, there are a lot of models I would like to see produced in N Gauge which I fear are just too niche to happen without this ‘model’ of production.

Most of them would not see the light of day on North Wroxham but would fit nicely on other layouts. In case anyone is listening, my wishlist in no particular order is

  • Class 180 – Either Hull Trains or FGW Livery
  • Class 185 – Both TPE Liveries – I have traveled a lot on these over the years.
  • Ready to run track machines

Ah well, a guy can but dream!