All quiet

Yep, afraid so. And likely to stay like this for a little while sadly. Domestic bliss has been interrupted and at the moment I have no time for modelling.

I suppose I should not be complaining really though. To put some context around it, at the time of no European countries being on the Green list for pleasure travel, I have the good fortune to be getting paid to travel for work.

Back last November I stalled on the offer when first approached. In December I outright rejected the offer when it resurfaced. At the time I thought it was too much for me and too challenging a role. In January the offer resurfaced AGAIN!

It was at this point I started to think there was maybe something in it. Let’s face it, my employers were more keen on me taking the enhanced role than I was.

So at the end of the month I finally conceded and agreed to give it a go. Role on 3 months and it has all been largely quiet. Suddenly though we have a new CFO onboard and it’s all systems go. The go live date was up in the air for about another 3 weeks, and then suddenly on a wednesday afternoon I get the message. “Mr North Wroxham, can you get yourself on site in the middle of Northern Spain for 9am Monday in the middle of a Covid-19 lockdown”

Challenges a plenty

Pre covid, getting to Madrid was easy.

Now, the only direct flights are suddenly two a day from Heathrow and one a day from Gatwick. Neither is a great option when you live in Yorkshire and have a 4 hour drive.

The following days led to frantic packing, booking of flights, hotels and trains. And more relevantly, lots of Covid tests. In the end the Covid PCR tests ended up costing more than the flights such is the time that we live in.

All of this was 3 weeks ago. I fly again next weekend! This time it is a bit easier, there is a greater choice of flights for sure. However they are still predominantly focussed down south still so I have another 440 mile round trip to Heathrow in the diary.

In the next 15 weeks I am lucky enough to be spending 6 weeks in Northern Spain, enjoying good wine, warm weather, and nice food. And best of all, on someone else’s bill.

So whilst it might be annoying to have to temporarily hang up the ‘closed’ sign for the next few months, I can hardly say I have got a raw deal. Lets not forget, 2021 is the second year in a row when lots of people will not have left the country at all. Mr North Wroxham however will have spent 8 or 9 weeks in Spain, and all at someone else’s expense.

Happy days.