In a change to recent layouts, this one is a bit more traditional. DC Control has been chosen for North Wroxham as it better suits the profile of the fleet.

Over the years I have acquired a number of rolling stock items ‘because I can’. Either they mean something to me, or I just plain like them. However this has left me with stock that is not easily convertible to digital control and DCC.

Now, I’m not usually one to shy away from a challenge, but hardwiring decoders and drilling the chassis block just does not appeal. Hence, the need to create a layout that would operate on traditional DC control.

As luck would have it, I already had the controller, a Gaugemaster 2 track device that will do the job perfectly. This came as part of an old layout I purchased on a whim. That layout is no more, but a number of the components have been upcycled. North Wroxham is environmentally conscious in that respect as it contains a number of second hand components, including the track points and controller.

Low Tech?

Definitely not! Just because a layout is on DC control does not mean you have to go low tech. This layout will in fullness of time feature the full spectrum of modern innovations.

To name but a few features, we will have full building illumination, auto changing colour light signals on the main line. On the preserved line we will have a motorised turntable to enable the engines to run round. Point switching will be via motor, with trackwork designed to let this manage the required isolations without further intervention.

Is that it? No definitely not, but I don’t want to go on writing forever. What I would say is, that as new products come to the market, the every changing streetscene and railways of North Wroxham will not get left behind.