The rolling stock of North Wroxham broadly fits into a choice of two running eras

  • Late 80s / Early 90s
  • Circa 2005 – 2010 – The ‘One’ Era

The preserved railway element of North Wroxham can of course run a consistent fleet across both eras within reason.

Late 80s / Early 90s

A time when Regional Railways ruled the roost on local services. Consequently you can expect to see Regional Rail liveried Class 101 Metro Cammell DMUs on the local services. These were the staple diet of the local lines from Norwich for many years.

At this time the condensate tanks were in the hands of BRs Railfreight division, so you can expect to see plenty of grey liveried 58s and 60s which were the traction of choice at this time.

Summer saturday excursions? Yes please! This gives me a chance to get the Regional Railways class 37/4s out along with a rake of Mk 2 coaches for a run up to Sheringham and Cromer.

Of course this era would not be complete without a Dutch liveried 31 or 37 on an engineers train.

Circa 2005 – 2010 – The ‘One’ Era

With the creation of the ‘One’ franchise in 2004 passenger liveries got a lot more colourful. The livery was dutifully recreated by Graham Farish on their class 170 DMU model and this was a regular feature on the line in this period.

By this time the freight workings however were in the hands of class 66 diesel locos, a familiar site all over the country.

Sumer specials had largely ceased and the heritage traction of class 31s and 37s had diminished massively. However that what Rule 1 of modelling was created for. I’m a firm believer of running what I want, when I want. Even if as the purists would point out, it doesn’t necessarily ‘fit’

Preservation Perfection

In real life the steam railway that runs alongside the mainline at Wroxham is the narrow gauge Bure Valley Railway. Two challenges come with this, first and foremost narrow gauge is hard to replicate in N scale. Secondly, I wanted an excuse to run my steam fleet.

Over time I have amassed a small, albeit nice collection of kettles. By and large I have acquired them as I liked the look of them and they were nice models.

Expect to see Tornado trundling around very gently on some blood & custard mark 1 carriages. Ably supported by regular preserved steam railway candidates such as a Jinty, and BR Standard tank engines.

What’s that I hear you say, do they do preserved diesel gala days? Of course… How else could I legitimately shoehorn a Network South East Class 50 onto the fleet list. There are actually two class fifties in the fleet with one in large logo. They are lovely models and Dapol did themselves proud. Certainly they are a big improvement on the previous Graham Farish offering.

With a diverse fleet operating over the course of the day, there really should be something in the fleet to appeal to anyone.

Bothered by non prototypical details and workings? You may find yourself wanting to look away sorry. Whilst most runnings will be reasonably prototypical, some most definitely will not! Nice models deserve an occasional run out, not to be stashed in the stock box for ever.