N Gauge Welcomes A New Boy

More great news in the UK N Gauge market arrived before Christmas. And this is the news of a new entrant to the market.

Following on from Sonic Models starting to produce and market new N Gauge models. And EFE by Bachman coming on the scene last year. For the new year, Rapido have joined the British N Gauge party.

Rapido will be a familiar name to many in the UK market having worked on well received projects previously. The highly acclaimed Revolution Pendolino was produced in conjunction with them let’s now forget.

Rapido will be much more familiar with modellers of the North American scene. There they are a well established and successful brand in N Scale modelling.

They have now decided the time is right to enter the UK market and have announced a model sure to be popular with transition era fans.

So what’s coming?

Under the brand of Rapido Trains UK they have announced they will be producing the first ever N gauge ready-to-run model. This will be of the Metro-Vick Class 28 Type 2 Co-Bo diesel electric locomotive.

20 of these were built originally by the Metropolitan Vickers factory in 1958. Notably they featured two stroke diesel engines and an unusual wheel arrangement.

The design was ultimately a failure though and the entire class was withdrawn in 1967-68.

One example however did survive into preservation. Presently this can be found on the East Lancashire Railway undergoing a 10 year restoration program.

The Rapido model will feature

• Post-1961 flat screen version
• Next18 decoder socket
• High quality motor and drive systems
• Directional lighting
• Wealth of separately fitted and highly detailed parts
• DCC Sound option
• NEM coupler pockets

The expected price is £119.95 for a DC only version. The DCC sound version is expected to come in at a reasonable £219.95

Having seen the quality of Rapido’s work first hand. In particular the work they have produced for Revolution Trains. Having worked in partnership here on the build of various wagons and the Pendolino. Consequently I now have high hopes for this model.

Whilst it does not especially appeal to me, the model has been a frequent flyer on N Gauge wish lists. Previously the class had only been available in kit form.

Welcome Rapido Trains UK, and good luck. Hopefully this is just the first of many models from you.