The main farm barns on North Wroxham are from the Graham Farish Scenecraft collection. In the case of the one shown below it is catalogue number 42-108. Unlike some models from the range which are now sold out and hard to get, this one remains reasonably easy to get. A quick search of the web suggests both new and second hand availability depending on your budget.

North Wroxham is ostensibly a rural area set in the picturesque North Norfolk countryside so it is no surprise to see farm activity. Also on the layout is the Hornby Dutch Barn model used for storage of hay. Farm activity is always a good option for adding detail to rural layout areas. With the range of ready made buildings on offer these days it is easy to understand why.

The official title for this model is ‘Modern Barn’ which seems very apt. The design does correlate with farm buildings that have sprung up over the last 30-40 years. Unlike some of the buildings on the layout, this one definitely does not lend itself to a multi era approach.

First Impressions?

Another good looking model from the Scenecraft collection. Whilst I am not a fan of all the models on offer in this range, this one is well thought out and well designed.

The roof area on ‘ready to plonk’ models is often a shortfall, however on this one it has been well detailed. Too often a roof line will look brand new, as if it has just been power washed to within an inch of its life. Fortunately, this barn comes ready aged. If I was to be super critical I might suggest an additional coat of matt varnish just to take off any last remaining lustre that is hard to eliminate in the production process.

I should point out that the colouration is very good. Realistic tones have been applied to all parts of the model from metal sheeting to bricks. The shade of green used for the moss on the roof is a nice touch too.

Easy to detail?

Yes. The model is well designed which means the open section will be easy to fill with detailing. As we all know it is the level of detailing that helps to bring the scene to life. How you chose to do this is entirely up to you obviously.

Easy to light?

Yes, very. There is plenty of room internally to attach suitable lighting and equally hide the wires from view. Same goes for if you want to use a fine drill bit to add external floodlights to the building.

Recommend to others?

Yes, definitely. If you are a modern era modeller, and looking for a farm building that is easy to deploy then look no further. Those in to scratch building and super detailing may find it slightly simple for their tastes. Such criticism though is often the case with a lot of ready to run buildings. However, I would employ the counter argument that it is a very good looking and well made base model. From which they have a very good and solid start to work with.