We have separately covered the buildings used to make up the main barns on the farm. However no farm would be complete without a number of other buildings & outhouses. Here we cover off the other buildings used which are a mix of both Lyddle End & Scenecraft.

The Tractor Shed

This is from the Lyddle End range by Hornby. To be honest I’m a bit disappointed with this one. As a model it looks ok from a distance, but if you get close up you can see some shortcomings.

The interior of the ‘office’ is in desperate need of some detailing, and some acetate installing so it has a proper window, and not just a hole. Also the interior wall is notable by its absence if viewed from the wrong angle. All can be sorted relatively quickly with a bit of paint and plasticard.

The paint colour and finish is also a bit too factory fresh for my liking – something the Scenecraft buildings from Graham Farish don’t suffer from. With an airbush a couple of coats of very thin white paint will soon resolve.

Hornby Lyddle End Farm Outhouse N8779

A better model than it’s brother shown above but still facing it’s own challenges.

Again the model has a bit too much of a factory fresh feel to it. Before being sited on North Wroxham this will need a couple of coats of very thing white wash applying, and then a coat of matt varnish.

Even once done this will be a bit too clean for a typical farm setting so some further detailing will be required. One of the easiest ways will be to have some weeds growing up against it. These will like be from my preferred range by Tasma Products. Also, with tractors in and out some exhaust marks on the lintels above the opening would not go amis. These will be achieved by dry brushing various shades of dark grey paint in the appropriate places. A small amount of ‘roof dirt’ paint will also get applied to reflect the somewhat oily nature of exhaust emissions.

Lyddle End – Holly Farm Barn

Of the three Lyddle end buildings this one is by far the best

Straight out the box the colour and toning on this one is far superior. With just a matt varnish needed to tone down the factory fresh look. The colours are much better and require little or no weathering.

This one will be placed slightly away from the other barns and much closer to the farm house probably over the road up to it thanks to the archway built into it which is a lovely feature.

The model has a true country feel to it and is a welcome addition to North Wroxham.

Once the farm house is added these will likely complete the collection of farm buildings. We just need some animal to go with them, i’m not convinced I have the patience to model it as a sugar beet or barley farm which would be more typical of the area.