This building is another from the Hornby Lyddle End collection. Here we have catalogue number N8044 Parish Meeting Rooms

This model sits well with the one Wesleyan Chapel to make a good pairing. Like the chapel, the colour depiction on the model is good and it is a robust piece for any layout.


For me that is the one thing that lets this model down a little bit. Personally opinion says the height is ok, but it could have done with being a wider and longer as it just feels a bit on the small side.

Build quality

Just be careful to pick a good one, the first one I got I didn’t check thoroughly enough and the windows didn’t fit too well due to a moulding issue on the main shell of the building. However, that issue aside if you pick your piece carefully you will have a well made little model.


This is another one I probably won’t add lighting too. Internally it will be a challenge to fit out due to the way the base on it has been cast. However, as i’ve sat writing this i’ve been eyeing up an alternative possibility.

The overall design of the model lends itself quite nicely to a 1.2mm drill bit being put through the wall, just above the door, and an external light being fitted. Can’t have the parishioners tripping on the doorstep in the modern culture of health and safety first.


Very pleased, and a good addition to North Wroxham and it’s scenic features. As i’ve said before as a modeller I don’t tend to follow strict prototypes. Preferring as I do to let the heart lead the head. The fact I saw the model and decided I just had to have it is probably as much as you need to know. If you are looking at it and wondering if you should get it, the answer from me is a resounding yes.