This addition to the layout is a discontinued member of the Hornby Lyddle End range – catalogue number N8042.

This is a model that firmly sits in the I didn’t know I needed it category. However, when I saw it I just had to have it and find a space for it on the layout.


As with a lot of the Lyddle End collection this is another well made model that would look at home on any layout from a diverse range of eras. Robust and good quality it will safely withstand an attack of the sausage fingers. Equally, it should be fairly safe with sticky fingered youngsters too. My only advice would be to watch the railings on the front steps which look like they may be possible to snap.

The model is well scaled (sometimes an issue in N) and solidly made. Colours are well selected and you could easily get away with planting on the layout without any further work. I will likely chose to weather the roof in due course and add a small amount of moss like toning.

Any drawbacks?

Just the one for me, in that it doesn’t lend itself too well to internal lighting. Getting the lighting in should not be a problem. However, the interior would be hard to fit out due to the design of the base with it being resin cast. This would likely highlight the fact that the model is designed for plonk and play, and not really for a high detail layout.


Very pleased with the addition to the North Wroxham portfolio. Would I recommend it to others thinking about it? Yes for sure.

Thinking on from this, the plan now is to place it with the Lyddle End parish meeting rooms sharing the same car park, to create an every day scene most if not all readers would recognise.